Canso Investment Counsel

  • Toronto

Canso specializes in security selection for Canadian client portfolios.

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Canso rejects efficient market theory. Rather, it believes that the financial markets are subject to human emotion and biases and are thus inherently inefficient. Canso exploits these market inefficiencies by investing in mispriced securities across the capital structure of issuers on a global basis.

Canso does this through active management, using bottom-up fundamental research to find undervalued securities, conducting extensive research on issuers before making an investment and then continuing to update its research for each issuer in each portfolio. This emphasis on bottom-up fundamental analysis of issues and issuers avoids overvaluation and concentrates portfolios in underrated securities.

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Clients Come First

We deliver the highest possible risk-adjusted returns to those who have entrusted us with their funds.

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Buy and Hold

Successful investing generates returns over very long time periods.